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Specialist Spotlight 12/9: Art

It has been a busy semester! We have finished some projects, are working on others, and begun planning for the things in the new year. It was great to meet with so many folks during conferences.

-Catherine, Kait, and Rick


Preschoolers spent a few weeks exploring collage. They learned to use a glue stick, safe ways to use scissors, and how to attach paper together. They did both two and three dimensional collages. They may even remember that collage means ‘to glue’ in French! Lately we have been using Sharpie markers to draw trees based on the book Sky Tree by Candace Christensen and Thomas Locker. 


Kindergarteners have been engaged in a series of color mixing painting experiments. Each class, they mixed a new color, with as many variations as possible. Students also explored tactile painting experiences with palette knives and paint scrapers. They are now color mixing experts, and can tell you all about primary and secondary colors! 

Primary Unit

Students have been learning about, looking at, and drawing many kinds of rocks. They drew observational colored pencil drawings of real rocks. From these drawings they are making a felted soap rock sculpture. They carved a bar of soap into a rock shape - imagine piles and piles of shredded soap on the tables! Each soap was wrapped in 4 layers of sheep’s wool, dunked in warm water, and then carefully rubbed until the wool became felt.

Third Grade

Students have been learning about seeds and seed dispersal. They imagined and drew a plant and seed in colored pencil. They are transforming their drawing into a three dimensional Model Magic sculpture using a variety of other materials to make the seeds look realistic.

Junior Unit

Junior unit is immersed in studying the Terracotta Army from the Qin dynasty. They explored the different types of warriors, acrobats, and musicians, and horses that were made over 2,000 years ago. First, students created a drawing in proportion of the type of warrior they wanted to create. Then, they experimented with different methods of building, sculpting, and refining model magic to create their finished piece.

Sixth Grade

Sixth graders have continued their Adire indigo dying unit. They are currently hard at work on t-shirts incorporating the different resist processes they have learned. After winter break they will begin their capstone art project - identity masks. These masks will be created from paper mache and other materials and reflect who they are literally and symbolically.

Seventh Grade

Seventh graders have been working on illustrating a migratory bird. These illustrations are observational and highly detailed and include other scientific information. The illustrations were done using pencil, colored pencils, ink pens, and watercolor.

Eighth Grade

Since we last wrote, eighth graders designed the covers of their writing journals for Language Arts with the aim of representing their outer self on the front and their inner self on the back. We have also been connecting with their science curriculum in art class. Students photographed a leaf, and used their observational skills to draw it as realistically as possible. Then they experimented with watercolor to match the colors in their leaf.