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Specialist Spotlight 12/9: Physical Education

Here is an overview of what students have been working on PE over the past few weeks:

In preschool and kindergarten, students are finishing up a soccer unit. During the unit, students worked on dribbling, passing, and moving into open spaces. By improving these skills, students will eventually transition into gameplay. In Movement class, students are also learning how to communicate with each other and show great sportsmanship. 

Students in the Lombard building just finished a floor hockey unit. The same game played throughout the grades allows for a building of skills over the years. Focus in Primary and Third graders was on dribbling, passing, and sportsmanship. Then they moved to small-sided games, where students worked on their communication skills to choose positions as a team, and practiced playing their specific position on the court. Junior Unit students worked on enhancing their hockey skills and understanding of how to play the game. They focused on dribbling, passing with teammates, communication, and teamwork strategies to find success during games. These acquired skills helped students understand the importance of staying in their zone when playing a specific position, the power of sportsmanship, and character development. 

In middle school, the main focus points in floor hockey included ball control, particularly when changing speed and direction, and transitioning between offense and defense and back again during game play. Each week students played games, then identified skills that still needed improvement or work in order to be more successful while playing. Ultimately, this led to students stacking their skills and game play to continue moving towards success, from lead-up games, to small-sided games, to full game play.