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Specialist Spotlight 1/6: Spanish

We are excited to share this Spanish Team Spotlight with you! We have explored many topics, projects, and games to build our vocabulary base and conversational strategies.
Feel free to email us with any questions.

In partnership,
Giovana, Marco and Catalina

Kindergarteners practiced naming foods and drinks. We also focused on holidays, family traditions and celebrations. We viewed and sang along to several videos expressing food likes and dislikes. We practiced asking one another questions about what we like to eat and drink, using the expressions: ¿Te gusta? ¿Te gustan? and Me gusta, Me gustan. To reinforce vocabulary the children loved to play Four Corners and Whisper Down the Lane.

First Grade
First graders have been exploring animals and their habitats. We played animal vocabulary Bingo games and read the book Animales de la granja (Animals on the Farm). We have also been practicing describing the weather and seasons and linking them with clothing items. 

Second Grade
Second graders have been exploring meals, foods and drinks. We have been describing our favorite foods and categorizing foods. We have also played food vocabulary Bingo games.

Third Grade
Third grade finished videotaping the presentation of their “casitas” (little houses). They are starting to work  with vocabulary of meals and desserts in preparation for their Food Truck project. We have also played food vocabulary Bingo games.

Junior Unit
Fourth graders created Mi Identidad (My identity) journals sharing aspects of our identities. This project included our pronouns, what our names mean, physical descriptions, special foods, family traditions, and interests and social justice causes that matter to us.

Fifth Grade
Fifth grade students continue working with the indicative present tense (regular and irregular verbs).  They finished their presentations on Latin American countries. They are starting to learn  the vocabulary climate and weather vocabulary in preparation for their “Reporte del Tiempo” (weather report) project. 

Sixth Grade
Sixth graders explored sports, sports equipment and action verbs related to sports this winter.  We also created slideshow presentations and digital books about our hobbies and pastimes. Our presentations included our hopes and dreams for the future, favorite vacation places, talents, and what we are good at. We also learned to make tortillas from scratch.

Seventh Grade
Seventh graders embarked on a Latinx culinary adventure this winter. We researched popular and traditional foods, wrote descriptions of them, created restaurant menus, and wrote restaurant dialogues. We also made tortillas from scratch and enjoyed tostones with mojo sauce (fried plantains with garlic citrus sauce).

Eighth Grade
Eighth grade students continue to work with the imperfect tense. They wrote original stories combining concrete past (preterit) and the imperfect past tense. They are starting to develop their work on presentations about different traditional dances of Latin America.