TPS My BackPack Information Update Guide

If there was a change in contact information (residential address, email address, phone number, etc.) please click the button below to complete a change of contact information form. 

If you would like to review your current information in our school's database, please follow the steps below. 

Click here to login to My BackPack

Step 1

If you know your user name and password, proceed to sign in and move to step 2.
(If you do not know your user name or password, click the I Forgot My User Name/Password button shown below.)

The following screen will appear. You only need to enter either your User Name or Email address and instructions will then be sent to your email address with information on how to access your account.

TPS in not able to provide you with your password and the only way to recover your account information is to follow the steps above. You only need either the user name or email address associated with your account to recover your account information. If you cannot remember the user name or email address associated with your account, please contact Terri O'Connor at [email protected] or  215-545-5323 x 279 for assistance. 

Step 2

Under Settings click My Profile.

When you arrive at the My Profile screen, you will see your name, home address, email address, telephone number, work address, and any other biographical information that you may have provided in your application, along with the same information listed for any other adult in your household.

To make changes, click on the blue Edit button located in the top right corner. Edit any incorrect info or add additional addresses or contact numbers you would like to provide to the school. 

When you are done with your changes, make sure to click the blue Save button at the top of the page.


  • For the Residential Address record, the “Phone” field should be your house phone number. For cell phone numbers, please select the option from the dropdowns to make those edits. It is important for this information to be updated, as it will be used to weather and emergency alerts.
  • Please make sure the email addresses you would like to receive school related email at are correct under the Residential Address record. 
  • Please delete any addresses or information that are no longer applicable. 
  • Feel free to add grandparents as additional contacts, as we use that information to communicate to grandparents about events at the school. 
  • If you would like to add or change emergency contact information, please add them in your Magnus Health Profile.

If you need help editing your profile, please contact Terri O'Connor at t[email protected].