Our Mission

The Philadelphia School (TPS) is a coeducational, nonsectarian independent school educating children from preschool through eighth grade. Our mission, as a progressive school and vibrant learning community, is to educate the character and intellect of children. We want our students to become engaged citizens who are critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and lifelong learners.

Our Commitment to Diversity 

We are dedicated to building a community whose diversity touches all aspects of our flourishing. In every scene of learning, teaching, and play, we mean to understand and celebrate our differences rather than be ruled by them. We are committed to providing the resources and support necessary to encourage the fullest participation of every person in our school’s family. And we are resolved to take our commitment to diversity beyond that family, by both studying and serving our neighborhoods and our city.

Our Faculty and Staff

The Philadelphia School's faculty, administration, and staff are dedicated and talented individuals from a variety of backgrounds who have come together for a common purpose – to create an environment where children can grow to become informed and engaged citizens, critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and lifelong learners.

The Philadelphia School is a warm and welcoming learning community with competitive salaries, benefits, and opportunities for professional growth and development.  Here’s what our teachers have to say about working at TPS.

I’m happy to work each day with colleagues who not only care about each other but who are deeply committed to doing the very best possible work with kids. They read, discuss, experiment and continue to raise the bar to include the most innovative thinking available in their discipline. It is an honor to work with such smart, creative individuals.
— Maureen, 22 years of service
It’s exciting to work in an environment where I can be creative and my ideas are genuinely appreciated. TPS supports a diversity of perspectives in a team environment that allows us all to deliver the highest quality education to our students.
— Adenike, 3 years of service


Current Available Positions


If you are interested in substitute teaching opportunities, please send your resume to employment@tpschool.org

The Philadelphia School is an Equal Opportunity Employer.