It is during the elementary years that a child’s academic strengths, interests, and learning styles are developed. They discover themselves as learners, friends, and community contributors.  It is important to find a school that provides a good fit for their needs at that age.

According to the statistics, few students begin in kindergarten and graduate as seniors from the same school. We believe that nine years is a long time to be in one school, and children are ready for a new venue, new friends, and new challenges.  Experts suggest that the choice of a school in early childhood and the choice of high school should be independent decisions. By the time students are 13 years old, the best “match” for high school is easier to determine, and they can participate in the decision, with the support of our high school advisors.

Older students at TPS serve in student government, publish their own yearbook, become part of interscholastic athletic teams, serve as “buddies” to the younger students, and assume the mantle of leadership as role models for the entire student body. The experience of being among the oldest students of an entire school and of being a leader in that school can be extremely important and positive for a middle school student.  Students experience age-appropriate activities and events without the influence and pressure of older students.  They can be themselves, often remaining “younger” a bit longer.

TPS graduates are confident, self assured, and well prepared to excel in a variety of environments. Most have no problem being accepted to the school of their choice.  Graduates have gone on to attend many of the well-known public and private schools in the area, and TPS has a strong reputation among these schools as an excellent source of talented, well-adjusted ninth graders.