JU-A Weekly Note

Dear JU-A Families,

We launched our geography study this week through a geography scavenger hunt. Students explored four different types of maps and practiced using geography vocabulary. In future weeks, we will map the political boundaries, topography, climate, and cultures of China.

In Word Study, students had their first spelling pre-test and practiced creating semantic maps for their spelling words. Their study of words continued into Mandarin class, where they learned about Mandarin radicals (i.e., root words).

In community meeting, we met together with the rest of JU to reflect on a simulation we participated in last week. The kids had been assigned the identities of either “Wannahuggins” or “Nubos” – two alien tribes with very different norms, practices, and values. Through interacting with the other tribe and reflecting on these culture clashes, students drew valuable conclusions about how to create bridges between different cultures. They learned that sometimes we have to give up or adapt our norms and practices in order to interact peacefully and bravely with others.

This week, students had two periods of WIP (work-in-progress) time to independently finish their assignments and work on TAs, or "Try Agains." We give students TAs when we return their worksheets or assignments with suggestions for improvement. They also made progress editing their book talks, with particular emphasis on making sure each of their sentences contained a subject and predicate.

We had lovely weather for our trip to Shelly Ridge yesterday. Students bonded with their Family Circle members through singing songs, playing field games, and constructing elaborate, trendy toad houses using natural materials. 

We sent students home yesterday with their Friday Folders, which contain a letter they have written to you about how their week went. We have given them instructions to share the letters with you and have you sign them. In future weeks, they will be coming home on Fridays with assignments or projects that they would like to share with you. 

Enjoy the long weekend!

Tim & Julia