JU-A Weekly Note

Dear JU-A Families,

We took advantage of the beautiful weather this week by taking the kids to do some writing at Fitler Square. They took notes on sensory details in a "small moments" journal and later practiced "exploding the moment" by describing in detail a small moment or interaction from their experience outside. We also had a beautiful last day at The Schuylkill Center wrapping up our units on the energy cycle and compass navigation. We look forward to returning to The Center with your children in the spring.

Students had their first round of book groups this week. Last week we previewed four different books for them to choose from, and this week they met in mixed JUA and JUC groupings led by Laura, Tim, Julia, or David. We assign your child reading or writing homework to do for their book group on Monday (due Wednesday) and on Wednesday (due Monday). We encourage them to complete their homework due Monday on Wednesday and Thursday evenings so that they do not have weekend homework.

JU-A students finished drafting their personal narratives this week, and a number of them started exchanging their writing with a peer to share feedback. We're looking forward to working with them on the revision and editing stages over the next few weeks.

Our work with Chinese physical geography continued this week. We had students imagine they had visited a location in China and had to write a postcard to their classmates describing what it was like to be there. Students used sensory language to explore the landforms and climate pictured on their postcard. Our next step in our geography unit will be building a 3-D map of China, which the kids seem excited about!

Here are some questions that you can ask your child this weekend:

  • What book are you reading in book groups, and what do you enjoy about it?
  • Which character in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon did you design a shoutout for, and why?
  • Where did you send your postcard from? Is it a place that has opportunities for human life?

Lastly, here are two reminders:

We have enjoyed seeing the children make such good use of our new Junior Unit Library for the past two months.  We are now working hard to make sure we have all of our books inventoried and cataloged, and we will need all of the books in the library to do that!  If you notice your children reading any books from the TPS Junior Unit Library, please encourage them to return the books before we break for Thanksgiving. Additionally, please remind your student to bring Where the Mountain Meets the Moon back to school.

On Monday, November 21, students in 3rd grade and Junior Unit will be making nut-free brownies for our annual Thanksgiving feast (which is on Tuesday).  Students need to bring in a bowl (plastic or metal) and a spatula or spoon to stir and scrape the bowl.  Please write your name on each, either with permanent marker or using a piece of tape attached to it.  The bowl and spatula need to be at school by Monday, and they will be rinsed off before returning home that afternoon or the next day.  The brownies are delicious and the kids love making them. Thank you for your help with this! There is no need to bring lunch on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

Julia & Tim