JU-A Weekly Note

Our first five-day school week of 2017 was productive and fun. Many students returned on Monday feeling a mix of strong feelings about the demonstrations and marches that took place over the weekend. On Monday we tapped into their interest in social action by reading case studies about child activism. Many JU-A students chose to march with signs around Markward Playground on Thursday to share their opinions about our political climate. We look forward to continuing to nurture their interest in social action and working with them to build their toolkit of strategies. 

We began our new word study groups this week. Students seemed to enjoy being in groups with students from other JU classes. The new homework routine is that students are assigned word study homework on Monday that is due on Friday.

For our bodies lesson this week, we reviewed some terms we use to describe our bodies, such as sex and anatomy. We also learned about the diversity of our bodies as we discussed how sex is a spectrum that includes male, intersex, and female bodies. The concept of intersex was new to many students. 

The week ended on a motivational note. Yves and other faculty/staff who attended this year's People of Color Conference organized a workshop with students about the concept of rising up and being an upstander. You can ask your child to share with you what they think it means to rise up and strategies for being an upstander, even when it feels challenging.

Here are some other questions you can ask your child this weekend:

  • When doing research, what is the difference between a big question and a little question? Why is it important to ask big questions?
  • Which stage of the plant life cycle did you focus on studying with your group? 
  • What progress did the class make with the China map and timeline this week?
  • What literature circle roles have you enjoyed serving as you’ve read The Magical Monkey King?

We sent your children home today with a writing assignment that they completed earlier this week. The prompt asked them to reflect on something they are an expert at. This has been part of the lead-up to our research writing project. We hope you enjoy talking with them about their writing and about their budding research topics.

Enjoy your weekend!

Julia and Tim