JU-A Weekly Note

Dear JUA families,

Although the snow day did not produce much snow, it sounded as if students enjoyed their surprise day off!

Motivation was high this week as students started working on independent projects to share what they have learned from The Magical Monkey King. We provided rubrics for each project option so that the kids have a clear idea of what is expected. You can ask your child to share with you which project option they chose. Because of the snow day, the deadline for these projects has been pushed to Wednesday.

Students have been doing hands-on work in math class, as well. The fourth graders are working in pairs to design engaging board games themed around multiplication. The fifth graders are applying their knowledge of fractions to the construction of a circular pie chart that shows how they spend their time on a typical day.

This week, we moved to the next stage in the research process: generating research questions. We discussed the difference between open and closed questions, and why both are important for research.

During community meeting this week we discussed other changes (besides egg and sperm production and related processes) that occur during puberty.  What was surprising to students was how many of the changes affect both males and females, including changes with hair, hygiene, acne, mood swings. We also discussed that while mood swings are common, extreme anxiety or depression (feelings of worthlessness or that the world would be better without you) are beyond that, and that if a student feels that way they should reach out to an adult.  You can ask your child if they have any questions about what was covered and if there’s anything in particular they are worried about.

A reminder: Next week, students have off on Friday for a teacher in-service day. Additionally, we are all off on Monday, February 20, for President’s Day.

Enjoy your weekend!

Julia & Tim