JU-A Weekly Note

Dear JU-A families,

It was a short but busy week! Students began finding online resources for their Dynastic China research papers. We were lucky to have Matt M. join us for another session; this time, he worked with the students on using a rubric to evaluate the credibility of the sources they find.

The students enjoyed attending two eighth grade Shakespeare performance this week: Julius Caesar and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Be sure to ask your child about highlights from these plays!

In community meeting this week we explored the complexity of gender by breaking it down in gender expression, gender identity, and assigned sex. We watched a video created by Jazz Jennings, a transgender teenage girl who recently pushed the book I Am Jazz. We also learned about non-binary gender identities and watched this video, which illustrates the ways society boxes people into two genders.

We sent your child home today with their experiment proposal for our study of fast plants. Each child will be growing their own set of fast plants and will choose one variable to manipulate (space, soil, temperature, light, nutrients, or water) in order to increase their plant’s seed production. This week we learned about the scientific method and discussed why it’s important to only change one variable when doing a controlled experiment. 

Links for spring conference sign-up will go out via email early next week. Spring conferences are student led. 


Julia & Tim