JU-A Weekly Note

Dear JU-A Families,

Happy Earth Day! We continued exploring themes of environmental protection today at The Schuylkill Center through a study of bluebirds, a species native to North America that is facing population decline. Students participated in a fun simulation in which they played the roles of sparrows, starlings, and bluebirds competing for resources; next, we looked for evidence of bluebirds--and efforts to protect them--at The Schuylkill Center. 

We have noticed that many students have been arriving to The Schuylkill Center with some anxiety about getting muddy or encountering bugs. We will continue to support kids to see the beauty in the time we spend outside and to push them to approach this natural space with an attitude of curiosity rather than fear. We would appreciate it if you had a conversation with your child this week about their time at The Schuylkill Center and encourage them to embrace this outdoor time.

Now that students are more than halfway through the year, we are pushing them to build more independence, specifically with managing long-term deadlines. This week we discussed the importance of writing interim deadlines, such as for a science lab report that is due next Friday (4/28). You can support your child with this at home by asking them to share with you how they plan to break up their assignments over multiple days.

Have a great weekend!


Julia and Tim