JU-A Weekly Note

Dear JU-A Families,

We had an exciting week of learning in JU-A! Students spent a good deal of time preparing to participate in our live simulation of Silk Road trading, which will take place during the last weeks of school.  This week, students broke into groups to become experts about one city on the Silk Route.  Today we began building symbols of those cities that we will use during the game.  This weekend, ask your children what city they studied and to describe the culture of that city.  You may also ask them if they have any ideas about the character they are creating to play in the game.  

Students began work on their final writing assignment for the year: writing a mystery story to accompany an illustration from Chris Van Allsburg’s The Chronicles of Harris Burdick.  Before writing, we reviewed the structure of a story and discussed what makes the mystery genre special.  Students were excited for this extended creative writing project.  Many were especially drawn to the idea of creating false clues to add suspense to their writing.  This weekend, ask your child about the mystery they have written and what clues they are offering readers to solve it.  

In science we moved from thinking about deforestation to examining Philadelphia’s water supply.  Students thought about how deforestation affects the quality of the water supply and made predictions about how clean the water in the Schuylkill River would be.  This weekend ask your child if the quality of the water in the Schuylkill lived up to expectations or if there were surprises.

Next week we will spend much of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday taking ERB tests.  Please be sure that children have plenty of sleep and good breakfasts before coming to school, and do not schedule anything for these times. Students may bring mints to have during test, but please do not send candy.  

Have a great weekend!

Tim and Julia