JU-A Weekly Note

Dear JU-A Families,

Students forged through ERBs this week! When they were not taking tests, they enjoyed the opportunity to meet again in their city groups and move further along in their mystery stories. In the city groups, students continued learning about their city, got their hands messy as they built and decorated a city center, and spent more time designing their character. For their mystery stories, students worked on their drafts with a focus on using descriptive adjectives, verbs, and nouns to set a mysterious mood.

For our final science lesson, we learned more about the history of Philadelphia’s watersheds. Students were shocked to learn that before the 19th century, industrial waste and sewage were dumped into our rivers’ tributaries. We tested a new water sample from Wissahickon Creek and compared it with last week’s sample from the Schuylkill River. You can ask your child to share with you what differences existed between the two samples and what this says about our water supply. We ended the unit by watching and responding to a spoken word poem called “Dear Future Generations.” Many students found it powerful and motivating. Thanks to JU-A student, Peri, for finding and sharing it! You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRLJscAlk1M

Lastly, here are few important dates to look forward to:

  • May 30, June 1 - Launch of Silk Road Simulation
  • June 1 - Chinese Feast
  • June 2 - Rainbow Day/Field Day (morning)
  • June 5 through June 7 - Silk Road Simulation at TPS
  • June 8 - Silk Road Simulation at The Schuylkill Center
  • June 9 - Graduation (11:30 a.m. dismissal)

Wishing you a good Memorial Day weekend,

Julia and Tim