JU-A Weekly Note

Dear JU-A Families,

Students in JU-A have been busy completing several projects this week: a mystery story based on The Chronicles of Harris Burdick, a character sketch of a merchant trading on the Silk Routes during the Tang Dynasty, a design for our Silk Routes game, and final math projects. Many students have also taken interest in the silk worms that have been living in JU-A for the past few weeks.  Today, they were excited to see the caterpillars begin spinning cocoons!  

Next week we will spend much of our time playing our Silk Routes Live Trading Game. We celebrated the completion of our preparations by enjoying a Chinese food feast with the entire Junior Unit.  This weekend, ask your children about the characters they have created and how they intend to play the game.  The children are excited, and we are excited to see how the last two weeks of research and city design contribute to the fun!  

Today TPS celebrated Rainbow Day and Field Day.  Students shared projects they did in their family circles with other groups and spent the rest of the morning playing and competing together.  This weekend ask your children about any new friends they made in other classes through family circles and what their favorite part of today‚Äôs celebration was.

On Monday, JU students will participate in Move-Up Day.  Fourth graders will welcome third graders into our space to help them learn about a typical day in JU.  Fifth graders will visit sixth grade to learn what they can expect when they transition upstairs next year.  Next week, students will also be receiving their summer assignments.

We are looking forward to one more week together next week before summer, but this will be our last Friday note.  It has been a pleasure working with your children and your family this year.  We hope you have a wonderful summer!


Tim and Julia