JU-A Weekly Note

Dear JU-A Families,

Even during this short school week, JU-A students completed a lot of meaningful work! We built on our understanding of sentence structure and constructed models of effective paragraphs, which we were able to apply to writing about Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. We explored strategies for determining the meanings of new words in context by rewriting Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky,” replacing all of the nonsense words with synonyms. The week ended with a trip to Chinatown, where students explored and wrote thoughtfully about the neighborhood.

We also finalized our JU Social Contract. Our three guiding rules this year are:

  1. Give (what you can, when it’s possible), Take (what is fair), and Honor (your peers and teachers).

  2. Lead, by being your best.

  3. Remember to have fun!

JU-A students role-played typical classroom situations to practice keeping the social contract. We hope you’ll continue the conversation about how following our Social Contract can help build a safe, brave, and productive classroom with your children at home. Here are some other topics you may want to discuss about our week:

  • Compare the characters in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon to characters in other books your family has read. 
  • What new and interesting words have you encountered in your reading this week? 
  • Did you enjoy the visit from author Sean Fay Wolfe? 
  • Did you observe anything interesting on your trip to Chinatown? (Look in the Friday Folder for a reflection letter about the trip to get a conversation started.)

Have a great weekend!

Tim & Julia