JU-A Friday Note

Dear JU-A Families,

Our first full week in JU-A was a busy one filled with learning routines and engaging in some new and some favorite old activities.

Students began the China study by examining closely and writing about photographs of China. We staged reader’s theater presentations of two Chinese folktales. In Mandarin class and during read-aloud, students learned about the Mid-Autumn Festival. We are ready to delve more deeply into our theme study soon, and we hope you’ll keep talking about your children’s interests in and questions about China at home.

We revisited summer reading by writing and presenting a book talk about a favorite read from the past few months. To prepare, our class reviewed how to summarize a long story by focusing on big ideas rather than details. This weekend, you might want to ask your readers what books they look forward to reading in the coming year.

The Junior Unit took its first trip to the Schuylkill Center yesterday and had an incredible day of team building, cooperation, and reacquainting ourselves with (or seeing for the first time) our country classroom.

Enjoy your weekend!

Tim and Julia