JU-A Friday Note

Dear JU-A Families,

Thank you to everyone who was able to come in for Back-to-School Night this week. It was wonderful to spend time talking with you about life in JU-A. Look for a link to the Doodle poll invitation in the Progressive EDge to sign up for your November conference. If you can’t make one of the available times, reach out to us to set up another time.

JU students braved a rainy, blustery Thursday to continue our work at The Schuylkill Center. Although they were a little wet, students continued to explore topics in orienteering and the energy cycle. Unfortunately, this storm system made us postpone our trip to Chinatown, but we continued to brainstorm questions about China. We’ll use these questions to develop our China study, and we will come back to them throughout the year to see how understandings are growing and changing.

You may notice a “Missing Homework” form coming home in your child’s homework folder over the next few weeks. This is a new tool we introduced this week to help students initiate conversations with you about their progress and to help keep you informed. We give them to a student when he or she does not turn in homework. Ask your child how that form will help him or her do his best work this year.

Here are some other questions you might discuss over the weekend with your child to help you understand our work this week:

  • What does a safe space look and feel like? What does a brave space look and feel like? 
  • What specific reading strategy will you try in your independent reading this week? 
  • What is the difference between revising and editing your writing? 
  • Who are the JU-A Student Council representatives? What did you think of the election process? 
  • What are two adjectives that describe Minli, the protagonist of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
  • Who is in your Family Group? Who is in your Family Circle?

Lastly, at Back-to-School Night, Julia mentioned a math website that has a database of math enrichment problems. We draw math problems from this site, and you or your child can search for interesting problems by keyword or topic. The site address is nrich.maths.org.

Have a great weekend!

Tim & Julia