JU-A Weekly Note

Dear JU-A Families,

This week flew by as we have been making progress on projects and adding new variety into our Greek theme study.

Students wrote the first half of their Mythmakers draft this week, focusing on including vivid "show not tell" descriptions in their paragraphs. We played a variety of games that pushed students to use their five senses to describe places and objects. It has been interesting to see how they have applied their knowledge of Greek mythology in their creative myths.

Students will present what they have learned about Greek architecture, decoration, and sculptures through various projects that will be on display at our learning celebration of February 17. They have been working together to construct Mountain Olympus with cardboard, and here they will display the 3D Greek characters that they have begun sculpting from clay. They have started decorating the classroom with columns, Greek-inspired motifs, and ceiling tiles. Students have applied their measurement skills, geometric concepts, and literature knowledge to complete these projects.

Lastly, this week we found an interesting connection between Picasso and Greek Primitive sculpture. You may want to chat with your child about it to learn more.

Enjoy your weekend!

Emily, Jenson and Julia