JU-A Weekly Note

Greetings, JU-A Families!

Building a sense of community and encouraging all members of the class to get to know one another are among our top priorities for the beginning weeks of school. This week, two different projects helped us work towards these goals.

On Monday, each student brought to school a paper bag filled with five items that could represent or symbolize important aspects of his or her personality. During morning meeting shares, at snack time, and during lunch, students shared the contents of their paper bags with one another. Ask your child to tell you about a connection he or she made with a classmate, or something that surprised him or her, during these sharing times.

Students also gathered and shared stories related to their names during our fourth and fifth grade “huddles” on Friday. Each student shared the story behind his/her name with evident pride and confidence, and we were delighted to realize that we have so many gifted and engaging storytellers in our midst! Thank you for supporting your child with this research at home! Thanks, also for sharing with us the names *you *would like to be called. This information is very important to us, and we will make every effort to use your preferred names in our conversations, communications, and at conferences.

Here are some conversation starters to use at home to learn more about other important facets of our week:

  • Tell me about the “Blades of Grass” project. What methods did your group use to collect data in this investigation?
  • What academic and social goals have you identified for yourself this school year?
  • Did you spend your Thursday science class at the Schuylkill Center or at Awbury Arboretum? What observations did you make about your surroundings?
  • What was the focus of Friday’s 4th-8th grade Encuentro? What was accomplished?
  • Show me your Friday folder! (Please remember to look at your child’s letter to you, and remove any finished work that he or she may have brought home in the folder.)

Finally, Back-to-School Night is an important opportunity for parents and teachers to work together and address burning questions. We hope you will be able to join us on October 6 from 6:30-8:30. (For more info, see the blog posting about the evening.)

Have a lovely weekend!

In partnership,

Emily and Jenson