JU-A "Last" Weekly Note of 2015!

Dear JU-A Families,

This was a week full of excitement and surprises. JU-A students finished their coin and myth buster projects. The coin project was harder than we had expected, but students worked very hard on it and are very pleased with the final product.

The winter concert on Wednesday was certainly the highlight of the week. Dozens of parents and family members came to appreciate the performance. We certainly have many talented students at TPS!

We also enjoyed visiting the Biome exhibit presented by the sixth graders. The classroom was transformed into a museum with creative dioramas and displays. Sixth graders presented their studies enthusiastically and were able to answer questions posted by our students.

Although the weather is quite warm this week, we are raising our winter spirits by studying snowflakes and reading winter poems. We reviewed the mathematic concepts in the unique structure of snowflakes and appreciated their beauty by making snowflakes out of paper. Visitors will be able see these beautiful snowflakes from our classroom windows.

Thanks for welcoming our new teacher, Julia, to JU-A this week.  

We wish you and your family a peaceful and restful holiday and are looking forward seeing you in the new year.

Warmest wishes,

Jenson, Emily, and Julia