JUA Weekly Note

Dear JU-A Families,

Although it's been a short week, we managed to make headway on a number of exciting projects! Students made significant progress on their independent projects this week. They reflected on a "strengths and preferences" survey they took in order to help them determine what medium they will use to share something about their Greek character. They have submitted their projects for teacher approval and are excited to begin working on them at home!

There were a number of opportunities for students to develop their visual thinking this week. After studying how the Greeks use motifs in the decoration of columns, students worked in groups to sketch their own motifs, which will be displayed on life-size columns in the classroom. Additionally, students enjoyed sketching how they will represent their character in our class's 3-D display of the relationships among Greek gods, goddesses, and mortals. Lastly, students gained practice pre-writing with their Mythmakers assignment. After studying the elements of a plot diagram, they mapped out the events that will make up their creative stories.

Here are some questions you can ask your child this weekend to learn more about their projects.

  • What is a motif, and how are motifs displayed on Greek columns?
  • How have you chosen to represent your Greek character in the 3-D display? What will you do to make that character recognizable?
  • What aspects of your independent project are you excited about? How will you draw from some of your learning preferences and strengths? What aspect of your character will you share in your project?
  • What is your myth that you'll be writing for the Mythmakers assignment? What will happen in the "climax" of your story?

Have a safe, warm weekend!


Julia, Emily, and Jenson