JUA Weekly Note

Dear JUA Families,

It will come as no surprise that, although only four days long, it was a busy week in JUA! We kicked off the week with our collaborative science groups wrapping up their Archimedes-inspired pulley projects. Students shared a final demonstration of their machines with peers in JUB and were pushed to clearly explain—orally, in writing, and in pictures—how pulleys in their machine made work easier. The students’ machines were incredibly creative and included an entertaining toy for children, a device to sweep crumbs off of a messy table, a well, a system for pulling classmates across the room while seated in a chair, and two very different machines designed to water plants. Ask your child to tell you more about the process of designing, testing, and tweaking his or her machine!

On Tuesday students and teachers participated in our first racial affinity group meeting. We’ll meet again in these groups for the next two Tuesdays. We encourage you to ask your child what that meeting was like.

We capped off the week with a visit to the Schuylkill Center on Thursday. What a beautiful day outside! Students put their knowledge of mass, volume, density, buoyancy, and water displacement to the test! Students constructed small boats out of tin foil, sticks, and duct tape with the goal of holding the highest number of pennies as possible. Students tested their boats in a large tub filled with pond water. Based on the results, they captured some notes to help them in a later project - building a boat large enough to hold a JU student! More details on this project will be announced later on.

Finally, a big thanks to JUA students and families from Emily, for the surprise baby shower on Monday afternoon. What fun!

Enjoy the long weekend!


Emily, Jenson and Julia