JU-A Friday note

Dear JU-A families,

Spirits were high this week as we enjoyed the balmy weather and worked on a number of creative projects!

Continuing with our study of Archimedes and physics, students began transforming ordinary wire hangers into colorful, innovative mobiles. They have started to apply their understandings of balance and center of gravity by choosing which objects to hang and where to hang them. Here is a question you can ask your child this weekend: when balancing two objects on either end of a beam (such as a see-saw), should the fulcrum (balancing point) be placed closer to the heavier object or the lighter object?

We finally finished Sharon G. Flake’s Unstoppable Octobia May, the riveting mystery novel we have been reading aloud for the past few months. Although we’ll all miss Octobia, we are excited to move on to starting Maniac Magee next week.

On Thursday, we had a great time attending "The Return of Halley’s Comet," a musical performed at HMS School for Children with Cerebral Palsy in West Philadelphia. The cast comprised students of JU-C and a large group of HMS students. The plot and musical numbers all centered on the themes of celebrating difference and diversity. Shout-out to JU-C teacher David for his solo in the show!

Another shout-out to the 7th grade students and teacher. We visited their “Seeds of Change” learning celebration towards the end of the week and were impressed by the wide variety of interactive projects and presentations.

Finally, this week students have continued to reflect on their progress in different subjects as a way to prepare for student-led conferences. Here is a little bit of what you can expect when you come to the conference with your child. Your child will share the following with you:

  • Selected pieces of work from language arts, math, science, social studies, and theme 
  • Their thoughts on the process of completing these pieces 
  • Some reflections on strengths, challenges, and goals for the rest of the year

Here is a reminder about child care during student-led conferences. If you need child care (for a TPS-enrolled sibling) during your conference time on March 24 or 25, it will be available in the Lombard Street building from7:30am to 5:30pm. A receptionist will direct you to the room where supervision will be available. Children may not wait in the office. Thanks!

Enjoy the mild weather this weekend!

Jenson, Julia, and Emily