JU-A Weekly Note

Dear JU-A families,

One highlight from this week was certainly our progress in planning for the JU Olympics! This week JU-A students spent time reading about the ancient Greek city-states and learning about the various cultures, regional rivalries, and political institutions of ancient Greece. These lessons served as preparation for the upcoming Junior Unit Olympics, where our students will compete in city-state groups for the last two weeks of the school year. After much anticipation, this week the students found out which city-state they will be representing in the Olympics. Throughout the week they met in their city-state groups to plan and draft rules for their special event, design their city-state flag, and create awards for the games. Please remember to mark your calendars: our Olympics Opening Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, June 1, at 10:35 am. Parents are invited; we hope to see you there!

JU-A spent also time this week identifying and analyzing figurative language, namely metaphors and similes. The students reread portions of Maniac Magee, searching for different types of figurative language that the author, Jerry Spinelli, uses throughout the novel. After doing so, the students wrote their own metaphor and/or simile about a specific event, setting or character in  .

On Wednesday, the students had their final lesson and reflection about simple machines, to give closure to our study of Archimedes' contributions to science.

Like last week, on Thursday we spent the day at Awbury Arboretum with the students from Wissahickon Charter School (WCS). It was a beautiful day and the students had a blast exploring nature, cleaning up Awbury, helping rid the Arboretum of invasive plants, and spending time with their WCS peers. We are very proud of the students for all of their hard work on making the Arboretum a cleaner place for years to come.

Additionally, shout-out to the third grade classes! This week we had the privilege of attending the third grade play about immigration. We were so impressed with the third graders' performance. Afterwards, many JU-A students commented on how some themes from the third grade play have connected to this year's Greece theme and our identity curriculum.

Finally, a reminder about ERBs: these tests will take place from Monday, May 23 to Wednesday, May 25. Please do not schedule doctor’s appointments or other extra-curricular activities during this time that will take them out of school, as it’s very tricky to arrange times for make-up sessions.

Here are some questions you can ask your child this weekend:

  • What differentiates your city-state from the others? 
  • What was a goal that you accomplished at Awbury Arboretum? 
  • What event will you be planning in the JU Olympics, and how does that event reflect or represent JU's values?


Jenson, Julia, and Heather

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