JU-A Weekly Note

Dear JUA Families,

This was a week of exciting news and new partnerships!

You may have seen Matt Eskin's message or heard from your child that Emily and Chris Sparks –and their daughter Mira – welcomed Aadya Cynthia Sparks into their family on Tuesday morning. We are thrilled for Emily and her family!

On Wednesday we were happy to welcome Heather Gold into our classroom as Emily's maternity leave sub. She has worked as an ASEP teacher since this fall. Heather and Julia will serve as co-advisors for Emily’s advisees. Here is a message from Heather: "I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with the students of JU-A for the remainder of this semester! My first day was filled with warm welcomes from your children and it is truly a pleasure to spend time with these incredible children!"

With the Junior Unit Olympics approaching, we have had the Olympics on our mind. Throughout the week, students learned more about what the ancient Greek Olympics were like. After identifying the ways that Olympic events and traditions reflected Greek values, we collaboratively brainstormed ideas for potential Olympic events that reflect JU's values.

We continued our study of pinwheels and force this week. The students took part in a hands-on learning activity that involved constructing pinwheels out of soda cans. They used precise mathematics when designing their pinwheels to ensure that their blades would pick up the wind and spin.

Yesterday we hosted students from Wissahickon Charter School-Awbury to brainstorm ways of solving problems with the pond at Awbury Arboretum. Our students were able to share their knowledge on invasive plants with the students from Wissahickon, and in return we gained knowledge on watersheds from them. By the time Wissahickon students left, there were preliminary plans made about how best to defeat invasive plants, remove trash and pollution, and educate people about the pond and wetlands area. We will be working on these plans over the next few weeks at Awbury.

Enjoy your weekends!

Julia, Jenson, and Heather

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