JU-B Weekly Note

Dear Families,

This week has been full of ending some projects and beginning new ones. We wrapped up The Great Gilly Hopkins with a creative project based on "saving face." The students became very familiar with the idiom as they worked to create an emoji that represented one of Gilly's numerous expressions.  

The students tried their skill in the activity Survival of the Fittest. Stranded on a life raft, four or five students needed to figure out what they needed to survive and to rank these items from most to least important. After 40 minutes of deliberation, students were able to narrow down their lists, and many would survive being stranded 1,000 miles from  land! 

Yesterday, we practiced our orienteering skills at The Schuylkill Center. Students needed to spell various words using bearings and a compass. During our extra hour at The Center, students enjoyed catching leaves, playing football, and building with giant logs. Ask your child about the day, and make sure you check out the pictures! 

Next week, we will continue working on our snapshot moments. They will be coming home next Tuesday so parents can help revise and add feedback before publishing. Fourth graders will have a math assessment on Friday,

Have a great weekend!

Chantal and Dan