JU-B Weekly Note

Dear Families,

This week we've wrapped up almost all of our projects. The students are still working on their Significant City Project. They are using what they have learned about geography to research a city in China. Once the project is complete, students will present about their city. This is the beginning of developing a deeper understanding of China long ago. 

At The Schuylkill Center, students worked on mastering their orienteering skills. In a course, they used various bearings to spell out words from the letters O, R, I, E, N, T. Ask your child to show you how to use a compass and its different parts. 

In writing, students have been working hard on their Favorite Place Personal Narratives. Thank you for helping edit and revise your child's personal narrative. Writing partners and teachers provided feedback one last time before students began publishing their final drafts. Take a look through your child's writing to see how much progress they've made. Final drafts are due Tuesday. 

In math, fourth-grade students continued their exploration of mass, weight, volume, and elapsed time. We used a balance to investigate how much things weigh. Students had to find items around the room that matched a certain weight. This made students evaluate and rethink how much different items actually weigh. Some students even tried to use their hands as a balance. In fifth grade, students created their own math systems and started to think about the efficiency of our math system. After the systems were created, students then had to evaluated if the systems they created were as efficient as ours.

Next week, we will begin Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. This book will take us on a rich journey through Chinese culture and folktales. You will start seeing this book come home Monday. 

Please make sure to sign the Workshop Menu in the red Friday Folder.

Have a great weekend,

Chantal and Dan