JU-B Weekly Note

Dear Families,

It is hard to believe students have completed eight weeks of school! As we've approached this landmark, we spent some time re-evaluating our classroom systems. Students decided on changing the way they ask for help and ask to go to the bathroom. We now have a special "May I go to the bathroom?" signal. Ask your student to show you what it is. We asked students to self-evaluate how they think their first weeks have gone. These will be available to discuss at conferences next week.

Reminder about Halloween: We have reminded our students that there will be no Halloween celebration on Monday, and that no one should come to school in costume.  

At The Schuylkill Center, students began learning about the energy cycle and the food chain. Students had to take on the role of either a producer, herbivore, carnivore, or decomposer. Within these groups, students had to collect resources in order to survive. Students quickly learned what is sustainable and what is not. We will continue to explore this in the upcoming weeks. 

In theme, students have continued researching their cities. Students are completing their posters and prepping for their presentations. Connecting our reading with theme, we began reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. The book is centered around Chinese folktales and culture. Students are tracking one character throughout the story and how they connect to others. We have also been identifying symbolism within the text. 

In math, fifth graders have been working on multiplying negative numbers. Fourth graders are working on equations and solidifying their basic facts. This week we aimed to master the 6 times table. Students should have all of the numbers we have worked on already. As we move into harder numbers, students should make flashcards at home. This will help them have a strong foundation for division. 

Next week the students only have three days of school, Monday-Wednesday. Thursday and Friday are reserved for parent conferences. Please arrive on time for your conference, which will last 20 minutes. If you have any questions you would like us to address at the conference, please reach out to your child's advisor in advance. We look forward to meeting with you. 

Chantal and Dan