JU-B Weekly Note

Dear Families,

We hope you had some time last week to relax and unwind. We only have two weeks left until winter break. These last couple of weeks are jam-packed with fun and exciting projects all about our China learning experience. 

Before Thanksgiving break, we finished reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. Students were able to connect all of the characters together in an ending that left them cheering! Ask your child about his/her character and the role he/she played in the story. Students worked on finishing their large story maps that tracked the plot and details through the story. 

We are really beginning to dive into our China Study! Earlier this week, students learned about the Qing Dynasty and added to questions that will lead our exploration. On Thursday, we walked over to The Philadelphia Art Museum, where we were able to see many pieces from the Qing Dynasty. Students were challenged to look closely at their surroundings, examine artifacts, and compose their own stories using background knowledge and

Next week, we will begin an Informational writing unit that will take us until winter break. Next Thursday, we will take our first trip to Chinatown. 

TPS Service Announcement : In the interest of providing each of our students with the most meaningful service experience possible, we are making some mid-year changes to the TPS Service requirements. If your child completed a Fall service job, he/she does not need to complete another term of service. Students who did not complete a Fall job must sign up for only one of the remaining terms. Students who completed a Fall job and want to sign up for another term may do so, but students who have not yet completed their service requirement will be given priority. We also encourage families who already participate in service outside of school -- for neighborhood parks, with faith organizations, etc. -- to use that service toward completion of the TPS service requirement. Winter service starts on January 9.  

Have a good weekend,

Chantal and Dan