JU-B Weekly Note

Dear Families,

It has been a chilly and rainy week. It is definitely starting to feel like December! Students have been enjoying the chance to get outside when they can. The students in JU-B are getting along well and are enjoying each other. After watching Screenagers on Tuesday, we have decided to spend more face-to-face time during these social breaks. During snack and lunch, students were able to unbox ten new games!   

Continuing with Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, students have started an informational essay about their characters. Students chose one of four different prompts and have written the first two paragraphs of their five paragraph essay. Ask your child what a thesis statement is and how to write one. These essays will come home next week for editing and publishing.

Students have been taking the information from their characters to work on a Web of Destiny project. In partners, the students have been writing how their character connects to the other characters in the story. They will be tying these characters together with red string. In Chinese culture, red string symbolizes destiny and connections. 

Students have been learning more about Chinese culture and were immersed in the culture on Thursday. Dan led the class through Chinatown; we peered into shop windows and visited a supermarket. The students noticed symbols presented in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and began to ask deep questions that we will answer in the upcoming months. 

This week we were approved for a hamster in the classroom. Yay! Students have been working hard to research their new pet and get ready for its arrival. We are hoping this pet will not only serve as a companion but also as a learning experience for the students in JU-B.  

Have a great weekend,

Chantal and Dan