JU-B Weekly Note

Dear Parents, 

It was a week of highs and lows in JU-B.  On Tuesday we welcomed the arrival of Skip, our new class hamster.  The students have been invested in this project, working on a guidebook for the care of the hamster, calculating the cost of keeping a pet, participating in pretzel sales to raise money to purchase the goods needed, and creating a schedule for dispensing food. Because of all their research, this morning the students realized that Skip was suffering from wet-tail, a bacterial infection.  After additional research about treatment and a class discussion about the pros and cons of taking him to the vet, the class decided that we should take him back to the pet store, where he could humanely be put to sleep.  Skip passed away before the end of the day.  Though there were a few tears, the class handled it with stoicism and worked collaboratively on a eulogy.  We will soldier on and will be getting another hamster. We will have a pretzel sale ($1.00 each) on Monday as we prepare for our new pet.

Our past two Bodies Curriculum lessons have focused on male and female reproductive anatomy, including the journey of egg and sperm through one's own body and the way a baby develops from both cells. Understandably, this has raised questions for many students around how sperm and egg meet. Because we are not covering sexual intercourse in this curriculum, we have told students that these are great questions that they can discuss more with their families. Your child may be coming home this week eager to discuss these questions with you.

Students this week were busy finishing up their Taoism essays, as well as working hard on their alter projects.  Nothing brings a gleam to the eye like the opening of a package of Model Magic.  We have altars for gods and goddesses ranging from football to cheese to dance and art.  Additionally, as a final project for our Monkey King unit, students began working on a graphic novel retelling of the story this week.  You’ll see many of these items on display during our Chinese New Year Celebration on Thursday, February 2.  The celebration begins with a chorus performance at 9:00 a.m. in the Garage. We hope to see you there.

On Friday, January 27, our class will participate in a Poetry Day event presented by the 6th grade. The sixth graders will recite poems they have written. As a part of this special event they will serve hot chocolate, which will be offered to our class. The hot chocolate is peanut/tree nut free and is the approved brand by the school nurse, Sara.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dan and Chantal