JU-B Friday Note

Dear Parents,

We hit the ground running this week upon our return from winter break. In Theme, we started learning about the difference between a belief and a religion as students were introduced to the major philosophies of ancient China, many of which are still an integral part of modern-day China.

Complementing our Theme study,  we began reading about the Monkey King, a mischievous spirit popular in the Chinese culture.  The book we’re reading is based on Journey to the West, a 16th century fictionalized version of a Chinese monk’s trek to India to learn about Buddhism.  This will also serve as an introduction to our study of the Silk Routes this coming spring.

Excitement is high in JU-B as we get ready for our class pet.  Students have been invested as they researched the materials we need for the proper care of a hamster.  They made calculations about how much money we need to raise to buy food, bedding, and toys for our pet. The message below provides you with information about our pretzel fundraiser. 

Junior Unit B will begin fundraising to buy the products we need to care for a classroom hamster; we will be selling pretzels from Center City Soft Pretzel Company.

Center City Soft Pretzel Company is an all-natural soft pretzel company. The facility is nut-free, dairy-free, and kosher certified. The pretzels are only made from three ingredients: flour, yeast, and water. 

Every other Monday, we will sell pretzels to raise enough money to buy the products we need to care for our hamster. We have already researched what we need for our future furry friend, so all we need are the supplies. The first sale will be on Monday, January 9, for 3rd-8th grade.  The pretzels will be $1.00 each, and mustard will be .25 cents. Look out for posters around the school that will contain the dates we are selling pretzels. 

Looking ahead, the Junior Unit will be celebrating the Chinese New Year with a choral performance and open house on Thursday, February 2.  We hope to see you there. 


Dan and Chantal