JU-B Weekly Note

Dear Families,

We hope you enjoyed the snow day on Thursday. Dan joked that the best part was that he didn't even have to shovel snow. The students shared the various ways they spent their day off during morning meeting. 

Today during Encuentro the students were led by the 6th grade in a chant to raise hope for The Democratic Republic of Congo. They 6th graders have been researching conflict minerals and the negative impact of production on countries in Africa. Be on the lookout for a brochure produced by the 6th grade about conflict minerals. Afterward, we had yo-yo master Tyler dazzle us with tricks and the science of yoyo-ing. 

Up until now, we've been learning about modern China. This week, we started reading Life in Ancient China. So far, we've read about the Shang, Zhou, Qin, and Han Dynasties. The ancient people of China called their emperors "Sons of Heaven." Ask your child what they remember about these dynasties. 

On Wednesday, we began our science unit on Fast Plants. Students revisited what they've learned about the energy cycle. We are now taking a deeper look into producers. Students have been challenged with growing the most seeds they can. Next week, we will discuss variables and the scientific method. We will plant on February 21. More information will come next week. 

Good luck to all of the students performing in the talent show next Tuesday. Per student council tradition, this is only for a faculty and student audience.

Next Friday, students do not have school due to teacher in-service, and we are all off on Monday for President's Day. 

Have a great weekend,

Chantal and Dan