JU-B Weekly Note

Dear Families, 

We hope you are enjoying this spring-like weather. Some students came to school in shorts and short sleeves! They were able to get outside today and run around in the sun. We are all ready for spring! 

This week we attended two Shakespeare plays performed by the 8th graders. On Thursday we saw Julius Caesar, and on Friday we watched A Midsummer Night's Dream. The students were a great audience, and we all enjoyed the plays. Next Tuesday there is a 3rd grade and Junior Unit recital at 2:00 p.m. in Garage. Parents are welcome to attend. 

On Tuesday we planted our fast plants. On Wednesday we dissected lima bean seeds so we could see the inside of what we are planting. As of today, the majority of the class has small seedlings. Until spring break, we will continue to observe, measure, and study our plants. After spring break, we will dry out our plants and harvest the seeds for the next generation of fast plants. If students are adding a variable, they should make sure it is replenished for Monday. 

You should soon be receiving a link to conference schedules. Conferences will be the week of March 20th. Please see the Chantal's or Dan's schedule for available time slots. The spring conferences are student led. Please be aware that students should be present at the conference, as they will be leading it. 

Have a great weekend,

Chantal and Dan