JU-B Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

It was another busy week in the classroom with students rushing in daily to see what changes have happened overnight to their individual Fast Plants. The big news is that the Control plant has blossomed, and many of the Variable plants are budding.  With continued practice, the students have sharpened their abilities to take note of the subtle changes from day-to-day and have become more adept at jotting down their observations in a meaningful way.  

In theme, students have embarked on their next research project. Unlike the fall group project, students will be working with just one partner during the research phase.  They will be writing their own essays and creating their own visuals.  You can hear the creative juices flowing with every utterance of the words Model Magic, poster board, Minecraft, and paint. 

It’s been a week of special performances, as well.  Peter Tang and his troupe came on Tuesday to perform for us and to introduce us to the Chinese instruments that they played.  The music continued on Friday with a music recital featuring many members of Junior Unit, in addition to the string ensembles under the direction of Aaron Picht.  Congratulations to all the performers for a job well done. 

If you haven’t signed up for spring parent conferences, the links are up.  Remember that these conferences will be student-led, so your child will need to be present.   

Enjoy the weekend,

Dan and Chantal