JU-B Weekly Note

Dear Parents, 

We hope you all enjoyed your spring breaks. Our class (and their teachers) came back a little begrudgingly on Monday but have since been able to refocus on their work.

Though our first time back to The Schuylkill Center was canceled due to weather, we were able to start on our new topic by watching a video entitled “The Story of Stuff.”  It’s an eye-opening presentation on how consumerism has affected our environment.  As an added bonus, we were able to enjoy a performance by the Jasper String Quartet since we were here at school. 

Students are finishing up their fast plants work by writing a lab report indicating how successful they were in raising plants with their variable.  The best part of the week for many was when we dissected the pistils to find out how many seeds their plants were able to produce. The number of seeds ranged from 0 to 120.  Ask your child how their variable compared to the control.  

In theme, we began looking at the Silk Route as we begin preparing for our unit-wide simulation later this spring. To provide additional context, we will be going to the PMA next Wednesday to look at some artifacts from that time era. 

Finally, in conjunction with JU-D, we began book groups. Students had a choice between four books, all dealing with an aspect of China. Over the course of the next three weeks, we will be working in mixed groups.

Have a good weekend,

Dan and Chantal