JU-B Weekly Note

Dear Parents,

We "survived" ERBs week.  Students did a great job of staying focused during the tests and being respectful of their classmates when they were finished. A highlight of the week was putting Cocoa in the maze that the students have been working so hard on. Check out Smug Mug for a photo! 

This week, students finished the drafts for their Gina Zhang stories and began working on their yarn dolls.  As a way to celebrate the completion of their stories, they will be sharing their stories with students in the preschool in two weeks.

The rain held us back from going out yesterday, but students continued their work here at school.  We took an in-depth look at the materials economy and investigated in stations.  Their job over the weekend is to compile this information and respond to questions in their assessment and how it relates it relates to the bigger picture of "The Story of Stuff." 

This week, we met in mixed groups to prepare for the Silk Routes simulations.  Students learned more about their cities and created characters that would take part in the simulation.  

If you have not yet received information about our Feast on Thursday, June 1, to kick off the simulation, you will be receiving a message soon providing you with details.   

Enjoy your long weekend.

Dan and Chantal