JU-B Weekly Note

Dear Families,

Fall is in the air, and we were the recipients of beautiful weather yesterday at The Schuylkill Center, where we began our study of orienteering. In conjunction with our All-School Theme of Surviving and Thriving, students learned about how a compass works and things to know if you’re stranded in the woods. Ask your student about where moss grows.

This week, our morning meetings focused on elections as we discussed what characteristics are important when we think about our elected officials. Coinciding with this discussion were the school's Student Council elections. Today at Encuentro, students heard from middle schoolers running for the executive council positions, and then we did our civic duty and voted. Our own class representative elections will take place next week. We have reminded students who are interested that they should have a speech ready on Monday, September 26, with the election to take place later in the week.

We continued reading The Great Gilly Hopkins. Students reviewed language that we used to discuss books, including conflict, protagonist, antagonist, and plot. They also practiced making text-to-text connections by comparing a relationship in our book with one in a book that they have previously read.

Back-to-School Night is on Wednesday, September 28. We look forward to meeting parents of our fourth graders and seeing our returning fifth-grade parents. If there are specific questions you already know you want discussed, or if there are individual concerns you have that would not be appropriate to bring up in a large group setting, please email us. Additionally, we will inform you which one of us will be your child’s advisor and what that means.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Dan and Chantal