JU-B Weekly Note

Dear JU-B Families,

Happy Friday! We’re excited to see many of you next week at Back-to-School Nnight.We’re looking forward to going into detail about our curriculum, routines, and philosophy for JU-B. We’re also looking forward to hearing your questions. If you have questions that you know in advance that you’d like to ask, please give us a heads up with an email so we can make sure we address them in the presentation.

Although it was a short week in JU-B, it was still a busy one. After finishing Holes, students wrote a practice book chat on the novel in order to prepare for their first official book chat on an SSR book today. It’s been wonderful to see students so eager to discuss their recent reading books with one another.

We’ve moved onto our next book,  Knots in My Yo-Yo String by Jerry Spinelli. This book is an autobiography that focuses on Spinelli’s childhood growing up in Norristown, PA. For this text, we are doing a mixture of read aloud and partner reading. In their partner reading this week, students practiced writing "super short summaries" of particular chapters that they read with a classmate. In order to do this, students needed to tease out the very main idea of the given chapter.

In theme this week, we’re continuing to figure just how long ago we’re talking about when we’re talking about Ancient Greece. Students are in the process of researching an important event, time, or person from history which we’ll use to create a timeline in our room. On this timeline we’ll span from today all the way back to Ancient Greece and beyond. In prepping the timeline, we’ve been able to teach and practice important research skills as students are working to develop their technological literacy with our new Chromebooks.

We introduced our writer’s notebook routines. Starting next week, each student will turn in two entries (about 20 minutes of writing) to their advisor on a designated day. Ask your child what day he or she is assigned.

On that note, students learned about their advisors this week. Though both teachers will teach each child, one teacher is considered the "point person" for reading and writing conferences, parent communication, and reports. Below, please find the advisory lists. We will go into more detail about this at back to school night.

Enjoy the wet weekend, and we’ll see you next week!

Hilary and Dan

Hilary's Advisees

4th grade:

  • Adelle
  • Dinah
  • George
  • Lila A.
  • Jake
  • Mia
  • Nicolas
  • Telise

5th grade:

  • Gage
  • Isabel
  • Shayna
  • Sofia

Dan's Advisees

4th grade:

  • Akash
  • Gabriel
  • Joey
  • Leila C.
  • Sam

5th grade:

  • Cora
  • Dayana
  • Evan
  • Logan
  • Owen 
  • Scotty
  • Violet