JU-B Weekly Note

Dear JU-B Families,

It’s been a really wonderful first three days here in JU-B. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know our students. Thank you for sharing them with us!

This week, we began by thinking about the origin of our names. As we start talking about Greece as the origin of Western Civilization, we decided to first turn inward to think about where we come from and specifically where our names come from. Thank you for your help in this assignment by allowing your child to interview you as part of their homework. Students also examined maps of the country and did some short non-fiction reading in order to learn about the geography of the country. Ask your child about one of the questions this work helped him or her develop.

Students have had the opportunity to share about themselves through small moments like our morning greeting and lunch time prompts as well as larger activities like our signature bingo and story share. For next week, we’ve asked students to bring in five objects that represent or symbolize them. We’re looking forward to seeing what students select!

Students learned this week that our All-School-Theme is Mysteries! As such, our first read-aloud book of the year is Holes by Louis Sachar. Ask your child to describe Camp Green Lake and why this name is so inaccurate. As we prepared for our first silent, sustained, reading (SSR) period, students explained that reading your individual books feels “awesome” “ like you’re in your book” and like you’re “in book land.” During our read-aloud of  Holes, it’s clear that we have many students who are eager to caught of in the story. Our room is already filled with laughs and gasps at all the best moments.

In Junior Unit, an important part of our program involves teaching and learning strategies around organizational responsibility and accountability. As such, we have a closing meeting each day where we go over assignments and student write these down in the planners. As we get into the swing of things, it’s extremely helpful if you check-in with students at home to look at their planners in order to see if they are completing their work.

A few short reminders:

Please remember that students should not be wearing flip-flops to school. On their P.E. days it’s important that they wear sneakers so they are ready to participate.

We are headed to The Schuylkill Center each Thursday so please help your child to make sure he or she is wearing sneakers or boots as well as long pants and long sleeves. On these days, it’s especially important that your child bring a water bottle as well.

As always, please be in touch if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Looking forward to our first full week,

Hilary and Dan