JU-B Weekly Note

Dear JU-B Families,

Happy Friday of our first full week! In our classroom we’ve been excitedly moving forward as we get to know one another, build our routines, and jump into our curriculum!

The big highlight from the week came with our read aloud, *Holes. *JU-B has a new favorite catch phrase: Excuse me! Ask your child where this comes from! Our read aloud has also kept us on the look out for yellow-spotted lizards and any evidence of Kissin’ Kate Barlow’s treasure! This books has been a big hit across the class, and it’s wonderful hear students yell “no!” when he have to wrap-up a given reading session!

Students jumped into our independent reading program. During workshop times, students have been able to read their SSR (silent sustained reading book) and at home they completed their first written reading response. We’ll use these responses next week as we begin our reading conferences in earnest. We’re looking forward to learning more about our class as readers. We’ve already had the opportunity to recommend some favorite texts and it’s been great to see students eagerly turning pages!

We began 4th and 5th grade math classes this week with JU-A. The 4th graders worked on a series of puzzles that stretched us to think visually and look for patterns while also reflecting on norms for successful group work. Ask your child about some of the things that make math collaborations work well. In 5th grade math, students are beginning the year by exploring various counting systems that were used in the past and how they compare to the Arabic system that we use today.

And of course, on Thursday we kicked off our fall science rotation. At the Schuylkill Center students worked to careful observe a “hug space” before zooming out to carefully observe these trees. Many students jumped ahead as they’ve already begun developing questions about the space we’re investigating. We’ll explore these in more detail as we move forward. At Awbury Arboretum this week, students participated in a scavenger hunt as they explored their new surroundings. This fall, we are very excited to embark on a collaboration with students from Wissahickon Charter School (WCS). Half of Junior Unit will work with WCS students in the fall, while the other half will be partnering with them in the spring. We will be exploring the different type of invasives that have overrun Awbury.

In this week’s Friday Folder, there will be two forms for you and your child to fill in and return to us. The first is the Technology Acceptable Use Policy form; the second is a packet about community service. Please go over both forms and fill out accordingly. Return them to us on Monday, September 21. Please note that students will not be permitted to use computers until we have the completed forms.

Please remember that next week is a short week before of the Papal visit. We’ll be off on Thursday, Friday and Monday. Also, please mark down in your calendars that back-to-school night will be on Tuesday, October 6, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

Have a great weekend,

Hilary and Dan