Weekly Note

Happy Friday!

There’s lots we can share with you from this week. Students have been hard at work on the God and Goddess biographies. Fourth graders are using the array model to solve multi-digit multiplication problems, while 5th graders are deep into long division. We’re charging ahead in our Jerry Spinelli book groups and students learned about Perseus in detail this week.

The highlight of the week was our trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. After an exciting morning with Nancy Viau, visiting author for the book fair, JU-A and JU-B set off together as we walked along the Schuylkill River Trail up to the museum. As we walked, we had the chance to tell stories, play math games, and more. It was great to take advantage of our city classroom, and still get to spend some time outdoors in the process!

At the PMA, we started out by exploring the “Wrath of the Gods” exhibit. It was a phenomenal experience. Our students throughly impressed our museum educator with their knowledge of Greek mythology and their ability to think critically about art. We looked closely at the “Prometheus Bound” painting by Ruebens and compared it to works by Titian. Students also learned more about the Diana/Artemis statue, a tapestry with Atlas and Hercules in the middle, a marriage chest with Demeter and Persephone, and a painting done in the likeness of Orpheus. Students were inquisitive and made wonderful connections across the works we saw as well as to others we’ve looked at in class. They were engaged and respectful museum goers and we were very proud to be their teachers!

Don’t forget that the book fair is happening on Saturday from 11-2. We hope many of you are able to stop by!

Have a great weekend,

Hilary and Dan