JU-B Weekly Note

Hello, JU-B Families!

Welcome back from winter break! We hope you all had a lovely, relaxing two weeks away from school. JU-B teachers enjoyed spending time with family and friends, but we were both very excited to be back with in the classroom when the time came! It was clear Monday morning that the students were excited as well! The energy in the room was palpable all week long and we wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Highlights from this week included launching the second rotation of our Jerry Spinelli book groups. Now, students who read Loser with Dan before break are reading Maniac Magee with Hilary. Those who worked with Hilary before are now with Dan. This time around we’re eager to see students draw connections between the two books! In theme, students reviewed their work on Heracles from the week before break and used this to dive into a specific labor. Students wrote a summary of a given labor and represented it using model magic. Students also needed to create a hypothetical 13th labor and depicted it with an illustration. We’re excited to see all 12 labors (and possibly a 13th!) displayed together. Students also learn the story of Theseus this week. After reading in D’Aulaires and participating in small discussion groups, students took turns reading to one another as they looked as comic book, picture book, and short story–style versions of the myth.

This week also included student working hard to publish their Mythbusters science reports, participating in a writing challenge, getting back into the routines of morning meeting, workshops, and closing circle, and much more!

Happy weekend, and we’ll see you back at school on Monday!

Remember that next week is a short week as we have faculty in-service (and no school for students) on Friday. We hope you will take part in the TPSA initiative for MLK, Jr. Day of Service; an email was sent home from TPSA earlier this week.

In partnership,

Hilary and Dan