JU-B Weekly Note


ERBs dominated our schedule this week, which students handled incredibly well! Folks stayed calm and positive and even relished the opportunity for some extra SSR, snack, and recess! When we weren’t taking the ERBs, students worked on their final blog post, the draft of which is due on Tuesday.

We spent nearly the entire day on Thursday in our city-state groups constructing our boat for the Archimedes challenge! Next Thursday, we’ll be heading to Friends Select School in order to use their pool to test out our boats. One person in each group will be paddling the boat attempting to have it either a. stay afloat the longest b. do the most laps or c. both! It will be a very exciting day!

Don’t forget that next Wednesday is the opening ceremony for the JU Olympics. Festivities will begin at 10:30 in the Garage.

Enjoy the long weekend,

Hilary and Dan