JU-B Weekly Note

Happy Friday, Families!

As one student exclaimed this week, “Our schedule! There’s so much going on!” What this student observed is that we are in the thick of many interesting projects that are filling - and perhaps overflowing! - our days!

This week we continued our identity study three-fold. Matt Murray worked with us on how we present ourselves digitally as students had to make tough hiring decisions based on digital recon work on job applicants. With Emily Weiss we worked on reading others’ emotions and acknowledging how our emotions shape how we act. In the all-JU study of identity, students continued to think about gender and how society shapes the way we understand one another’s gender identity.

In the world of Ancient Greece, we traveled quite far with Odysseus this week as we’ve been examining ways that he’s heroic - and not so heroic! Ask your child about some of these observations! We practiced thinking like Archimedes as we worked with levers this week. Students practiced using a balance scale and ultimately worked on manipulating the equation F1D1 = F2D2 in order to figure out the length of a hypothetical lever Hades would need if he wanted to rip Mt. Olympus from the ground (with Mt Olympus weighing a specified amount and Hades pushing on the lever with a specified force).

This week we continued to prep for student-led conferences by setting goals and working on specific action steps in order to reach these goals. Check in with your child about what he/she is doing to meet goals.

We had the pleasure of attending the play put on by JU-C and students from HMS School. This was a real treat for returning 5th graders in particular who got to see their partners from last year!

Next week we have a field trip to the Penn Museum planned for Thursday afternoon, more Archimedes work, and we’ll be finishing The Odyssey. In the meantime, enjoy this lovely spring weather over the weekend!


Hilary and Dan