JU-B Weekly Note

Happy Friday, Families!

We apologize for the missing note last week! With the field trip all day, it slipped through the cracks for us! But, trust that we’ve had a busy, productive, and fun two weeks since we’ve been back from break.

In Language Arts, we’ve plowed ahead with Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. Students are currently trying to figure what Mrs. Cadaver is up to. Who is leaving Phoebe such mysterious notes, who is this ‘lunatic’ and where is Mrs. Winterbottom? As your child will likely attest, the plot in in this story is complicated and overlapping. Ask your child to try to talk you through it and to explain what predictions he or she might have. As we read, we’ve been thinking about different question types. So far, we’ve looked at “right there” questions and “think and search.”

With our return to The Schuylkill Center, we’ve been in full science mode. In our class, we’ve been exploring density first by examining objects and testing whether they float or sink in water, salt water, and oil. After discussing what makes up density (mass/volume) students set to work weighing the different blocks. After finding the mean of the different masses students recorded for a given block, they set to work measuring the length, width, and height. From this, students determined the density for the group of blocks. After testing these in water, students came up with predictions for the density of water, which we then tested as a whole group. Through this students learned not only about density, but really got to put the scientific method into practice and think like Archimedes!

Since spring break, we’ve been lucky to have eighth grade teacher Ashley working with us on some Greek lessons. Students are thinking about Greek roots and how our daily language grew out of Ancient Greece. Also out of the norm, we’ve held two discussion in our class about the ERBs. Our goal is to introduce our students to the format of the test, expose them to some practice problems so they are comfortable with the language, and help students develop some test taking strategies.

Thank you to those of you who have discussed with your child about our upcoming affinity groups. If you haven’t done that yet, please do this weekend and email either Hilary or Dan about whether your child will be part of the “white” group or “people of color” group. Thanking for your partnership as we engage in this important, complicated topic!

On another note: TPS City Country Camp registration is open. Regular registration ends on May 1st. Junior Unit teachers Nick Dekker, Hilary Hamilton, Jenson Cheng, and David Stills are offering camp programming this summer. TPS camps are enrichment programs, allowing children to delve deeply into topics of interest under caring supervision and with the guidance of passionate, talented leadership. Take a look at the TPS City Country Camps Website for a complete list of camp offerings: http://www.tpschool.org/camps.

Enjoy the weekend,

Hilary and Dan