JU-B Weekly Notes

Hello, Families!

What a week! Here in JU-B we’ve been having a blast as this has been a true week of a work hard/play hard mentality. We’ll share the highlights with you, but be sure to follow up with your child to hear more details about our projects this week!

Student rehearsed and performed their skits! This was a great moment as students saw the results of their hard work. The script writing was thoughtful, props and costumes were creative, and our audience remained engaged and respectful! Since performing the skits, we’ve moved on to the second half of the gods and goddesses from Mt. Olympus. Students wrote opinion paragraphs about Apollo and Artemis and played a game focused on the symbols of Hermes.

In writing, students explored some of the differences between revising and editing. They helped one another revise their pieces as they looked for glows and grows around their introductions and sensory details. As we moved into editing, students learned about MINTS, a helpful device for remembering when and what to capitalize. Ask your child to explain what MINTS stands for.

Besides our work, this week also included our Halloween parade, games of silent ball, stomp, and mafia, and much more!

We’re exciting to see you all for conferences and hope you enjoy the long weekend in the meantime!


Hilary and Dan