JU-B Weekly Notes

Dear Families,

This week’s note comes on the heels of some big excitement! On Thursday, we had the opportunity to host the 4th grade from Wissahickon Charter School at TPS. The day started with a talk by two experts from Awbury Arboretum. Students then met in groups for 4-5 partnerships in order to teach one another about invasive species (which TPS spent the fall studying) and watersheds (which Wissahickon spent the fall studying). Students reviewed the list of problems currently occurring at Awbury. After defining a problem, its cause, and its impact, students worked to determine some possible solutions. Based on these brainstormed solutions, students will now move into actions work groups from the next few weeks.

In theme/writing this week, students wrote their first blog entry! After focused draftings, students reviewed one another’s pieces, received comments from a teacher, and revised their work. Next week we will make our first post. Check out the link to our blog: 


We had a big week in terms of our class book, Walk Two Moons. Sal’s made it to Lewiston, Phoebe’s mom returned home with the "lunatic," and Gram is very, very sick. Ask your child about what predictions he or she has for the final stretch! Who is the one person who survived the bus crash? In class, we’ve still been working on asking different kinds of questions as we read. Prompt your child by asking them to explain the different between “right there,” “think and search,” “in my head,” and “on my own questions. For your reference, we’re using the QAR model, which is easily searchable if you want to check their responses!

Enjoy the weekend!

In partnership,

Hilary and Dan