JU-B Weekly Note

Happy Friday, JU-B Families!

Here at school we’re welcoming the blizzard with lots of excitement. Students arrived this morning decked out with their craziest hairstyles and colors in addition to their hats and pajamas. This has been quite the conversation all week so we are all very happy when the big day arrived!

In non-spirit day news, this week students began drafting their mythmakers writing project. In this project, students are using the same question from their myth busters report which they answered scientifically, except now they are answering it through myth. Last week, we learning about the arc of a story and practiced mapping this onto the picture book, “Fox” in addition to one of the myths in D’Aulaires. Now, students have used the story arc as a structure for outlining their own creative myth. After sharing their outlines, students are working on drafting the exposition, inciting incident, and rising action (due Monday) before we move on to the climax!

We were lucky to have Jill Garland, former JU teacher and current Learning Resources teacher, visit us this week as we prep for our independent mythology project. Jill met with our students in order to discuss some current research on how people learn. JU-B students will use this information to help guide them as they develop a project that will teach others about a certain character in Greek mythology. You’ll hear more about this project as we move forward.

Besides our project work this week, students continued in their book groups and we went on with our study of the eight parts of speech. Next week, we’ll pick up with our language study as we discuss what makes a complete sentence as we work on varying our sentence structure in our writing.

A few reminders of events coming up:

The 3rd grade and junior unit potluck is on Wednesday, Feburary 3 from 6:30-8:30. You do not need to bring a potluck item.

Our Open House is scheduled for February 18. We look forward to seeing you then!

In partnership,

Hilary and Dan